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F5 is a privately owned and operated Muay Thai and Strength gym located in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles. 

We offer small group classes and personal training. We teach our students real skills to further them in training and life. Our training is unique, varied, engaging, and most likely, unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Our community is supportive, focused and friendly

Ready to try something new?  The first step is your kickstart meeting. 

 Student-Focused, Superior Training:

  • There are no more than 10-12 students per class, so you get individual attention and better results.
  • With a smaller class size, we can make adjustments and scale workouts to the individual for a fraction of the cost of personal training.
  • We offer an exclusive on-ramp for new students that includes private into lessons so you feel comfortable and confident starting classes.
  • All our programming is designed and supervised by experienced head coaches, so class instruction is streamlined, engaging, and effective. 

What Makes Us Different:

The first Muay Thai gym in the US to be owned and operated by a female coach.


The first and only gym owned by a female fighter who competed and won the first full-rules professional 5-round Muay Thai fight in United States history.


The first gym in the US to offer a full Muay Thai and Strength Training program at one gym.


The first and only strength gym in LA to have coached nine trainers to get successfully SFG certified.


The first and only gym in Central and Westside Los Angeles to be a StrongFirst Affiliate gym.


We have a very central Mid-City location servicing Miracle Mile, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Korea Town, Hancock Park, the Beverly Hills, DTLA, Culver City, and more!


F5 Students Tell Their Stories…

Tesh R

I remain super impressed with what I’ve experienced at F5. In fact, I go as far to say as, this gym has literally changed my life. I know it may sound corny but it’s true.

Luke R.

Saewon Y.

I LOVE this place!  I think it may be the best thing I have ever done in my life.  My friends can tell you how much I hate to work out, but this has changed my entire attitude towards sweating!  It is the only thing that has gotten me off my couch and improved my health.  

F5 has gathered the most talented, the most patient and the BEST all-around instructors ever in order to make your workout sessions enjoyable and to turn you into a bad-ass Muay Thai fighter!  

- Saewon Y.

Tessie N.

After I joined I noticed an increase in energy and a positive shift in my mood. I was excited to go to the gym and train and it didn’t feel like a chore anymore. I felt like I was training with purpose rather than exercising just for the sake of it.

I was also surprised by how friendly everyone was and the feeling of family in the gym. Everyone is just so welcoming at F5 and it makes it a place you enjoy showing up to every day.

Tessie N.

Tessie on Community

F5 has made me a better athlete and has taught me so many new strengths I never knew I had. The coaches are always willing to help you and answer your questions and the members are the kindest people I’ve met.

Being at F5, I am constantly challenging myself, and I love that because that just means that I’m getting more sharp and stronger each day.

Chau Sa

Ilona M.

I was surprised by how down to earth the trainers and students were. I didn’t feel I was competing or being judged, the trainers always took their time explaining the proper technique and the other, more experienced students were very patient.

I was also impressed by the amount of one-on-one attention the students get from the trainers, even during full classes.

- Siobhan

Sydel S.

I work a full-time job and make time for it in the morning (and sometimes night) because, without it, my days just don’t seem the same! This is when you know you’ve become an addict. Hello, my name is Sydel and I love F5. 

Sydel S.

Joe B.

The facilities are kept clean and the equipment is updated on the regular, but the best aspect of it is the care and respect shown by all the instructors at all times.

F5 is a classroom I’m proud to consider myself a part of. My inherent laziness aside, I look forward to each and every class I book. Hope to see you there alongside the rest of us!

- Joe.B

Soo Ji

The strength coaches at F5 make sure you have the proper technique and make sure you can crawl before you run. As someone who never really learned how to lift properly, I can’t stress the value of this enough.

It also takes the intimidation factor out of lifting weights, which in part, prevented me from lifting weights for years prior to joining F5. It can be daunting, especially as a woman, to approach weights in a gym. The coaches at F5 do a great job of making you feel comfortable.

- Erica A.

Tim H

Simply put, F5 is a fantastic place, and you’ll love it. If you’re on the fence about it, do yourself a favor and set up a Kickstart. It’s not a crazy sales pitch or high-pressure deal. It’s a really nice meeting where you learn about the gym, talk about your goals and see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Tim H.

Kali K

I was getting fat, my flexibility and stamina were poor, and I’d gotten pretty weak. I wasn’t eating right, and work-related stress was getting the best of me. As a result, I began to experience a variety of small but noticeable health concerns including circulation issues, joint pain, bad posture, and inconsistent sleep.

I’ve completely transformed my body in 6 months, and my aforementioned health concerns have disappeared. I’m stronger, faster, more flexible, more confident and F5 instructors and students alike continue to motivate me to become even better.

Curtis H.


Hands down the most liberating, stress releasing, body trimming, mind-focusing work out you can possibly find. The entire team at F5 help you accomplish goals (both personal & physical) you never dreamed of achieving.  There’s absolutely nothing like Muay Thai before a day of work or to wind down from a crazy day. The classes are full of supportive teammates, who not only challenging you but cheer you on at the same time

Rachel H.

Jessica R.

This place has literally transformed my life! Went in with a goal to get healthy and active- I was extremely sedentary and needed a kick in the pants to get going. From my first meeting with Daniel, I was completely hooked. And the results have been extraordinary- in three months I’ve lost weight and gotten stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. The classes are super fun and informative- you’re learning a sport and the teachers are very serious about what they do.

Amanda E.

Darlene G.

This is not a gym where you’re hitting pads as fast as you can just to hit pads, you can actually learn Muay Thai. That’s what I love about this gym – The trainers pay attention to form while pushing you to make sure you get a great workout. 

- Darlene G

Haley L.

I was a complete beginner; but I just went each time trying to do my best and keep an open mind. I began by going to a couple of Muay Thai classes per week and one day of personal training. The personal training was eye-opening for me. I’d belonged to a [shite] gym before, but mostly kept to the bike & elliptical for 30-45 min of cardio & some stretching. Personal Training allowed me to learn so much about form, all kinds of amazing exercises and not to be intimidated by gym equipment. I also opted for some nutritional help and have gotten to really define what foods work for me, giving me optimal health and energy.

Christine Z.

Bobby N.

The programming is thoughtfully-crafted and provides variety every week. The coaches are excellent – attentive, helpful with questions about technique and mobility, and manage the classes well.

It’s easy to ask questions and get 1on1 instruction. The classes are small by design, so you’ll receive a lot of attention. I hadn’t had any prior Muay Thai experience before joining but felt immediately welcomed and encouraged.

The classes are challenging, but lots of fun and the coaches break down techniques in easy to understand ways. Lastly, the community is amazing.

Bobby N.

Samantha T.

 I feel much stronger and in control of my body than I ever have before. I feel like an hour here at F5 is equal to a month’s worth of the unguided workouts I was trudging through on my own. I really like that I have at long last fulfilled a childhood dream that I had long forgotten about: to train in a martial art.

Alfredo B.

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