The 5 Elements of Health and Fitness

The 5 in our name stands for the five elements that create a skilled, healthy, mindful, and fit human.

  1. Mindset – We approach our training and our lives with a growth mindset, a love of learning and goal to improve a little bit each day. We train with purpose, focus, and passion. 
  1. Nutrition – Eating wholesome, nourishing foods can improve your mood, energy, performance, and results. We support a balanced approach to nutrition and work with our students to find choices that feel right to them.
  1. Strength – “Be strong first,” is a motto you will often hear us say. Strength (physical and mental) is the foundation for all athletic endeavors. Lifting heavy things (with the proper form, of course) will improve your health and longevity, raise your metabolism, build valuable lean muscle, lower body fat, and empower you.
  1. Sport & Play – We believe that working out should be something look forward to. Our sport, Muay Thai, helps give you sport-specific performance goals and adds some “playtime” back into life. Punching and kicking are also great for stress reduction.
  1. Rest and Recovery – Physical and mental rest is an important part of health and fitness. We offer classes, seminars and education focused on mobility, flexibility, posture, stress-reduction and overall wellness. 


Core Values

At F5 we hold ourselves to a high standard of training, coaching, and living. These are the core values we live by:

    1. Our achievements are a result of combined efforts; we are a team above all else.
    2. Keep a fighting spirit and a humble heart.
    3. Empower and inspire those around you – we lift others up, not bring them down.
    4. Enjoy the struggle, nothing truly rewarding comes easy.
    5. By learning from our mistakes, we never fail.
    6. Encourage feedback, accept responsibility for all actions and strive for constant improvement.
    7. We train our bodies and minds regularly. Sport and strength require the development of physical and mental skills.
    8. Create goals, take daily action towards your goals and evaluate them often.
    9. Always remember that you were once a beginner.
    10. Celebrate your accomplishments and others’ equally.

Our Students Tell Their F5 Stories...

Tesh R

Tessie N.

Sydel S.

Kali K


Jessica R.

Darlene G.

Joe B.

Tessie on Community

Saewon Y.

Soo Ji

Tim H

Ilona M.

Haley L.

Bobby N.

Samantha T.

This place has literally transformed my life! Went in with a goal to get healthy and active- I was extremely sedentary and needed a kick in the pants to get going. From my first meeting with Daniel, I was completely hooked. And the results have been extraordinary- in three months I've lost weight and gotten stronger than I've ever been in my life. The classes are super fun and informative- you're learning a sport and the teachers are very serious about what they do.

Amanda E.

I remain super impressed with what I've experienced at Function Five Fitness. In fact, I go as far to say as, this gym has literally changed my life. I know it may sound corny but it’s true.

Luke R.

The typical gym thing wasn't working out for me - most of the time I scurried away into the sauna and no one could stop me. Eventually, the stress, the frustration of the way I looked and felt was overwhelming. I came across F5, specifically interested in Muay Thai…

From the moment I called, I felt welcomed and excited to try out the beginner's class - and since then - the excitement and appreciation is still there…

Technique, knowledge, personality, commitment - I mean name it, they are equipped with all of the skills. The most important thing for me is, they always make me feel motivated to keep going, and always with optimism

Shanyn W.

I was a complete beginner; but I just went each time trying to do my best and keep an open mind. I began by going to a couple of Muay Thai classes per week and one day of personal training. The personal training was eye-opening for me. I'd belonged to a [shite] gym before, but mostly kept to the bike & elliptical for 30-45 min of cardio & some stretching. Personal Training allowed me to learn so much about form, all kinds of amazing exercises and not to be intimidated by gym equipment. I also opted for some nutritional help and have gotten to really define what foods work for me, giving me optimal health and energy.

Christine Z.

Hands down the most liberating, stress releasing, body trimming, mind-focusing work out you can possibly find. The entire team at Function Five help you accomplish goals (both personal & physical) you never dreamed of achieving.  There's absolutely nothing like Muay Thai before a day of work or to wind down from a crazy day. The classes are full of supportive teammates, who not only challenging you but cheer you on at the same time

Rachel H.

Get strong, confident, and fit with F5!

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