20 Beginner Tips for Muay Thai Newbies

20 Beginner Tips for Muay Thai Newbies

I know exactly why you’re looking for beginner tips for Muay Thai. Do you remember all your fears about the first day of high school or college? Worrying if you could find the right classroom, wondering if you were overdressed, under-dressed, or had picked the...

Uppercut Tips for Muay Thai

The rear uppercut is not a commonly used punch in Muay Thai. However, it can be very effective when thrown from the right range and with good form and power. Establish proper range (see video). Drive from the hip and use a pivot + rotation of back foot and leg. Do not...

Muay Thai Shadowboxing Kicks + Teeps

The Muay Thai shadowboxing kick, when done correctly, is a beautiful movement that helps build solid technique. Shadowboxing is an effective warm-up before training as well as a way to improve technique and skills. Fighters usually spend 10 minutes or more...

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