At F5 we teach two complementary disciplines for a well-rounded approach to fitness that is fun, challenging, and engaging.


When F5 owner, Roxy Vivien opened F5 in 2011 she envisioned a community gym where sport and strength classes were offered equally to students for a unique, well-rounded approach to fitness.

With F5, she created an environment that is challenging and technical but also supportive and approachable.

As an athlete, Roxy sought out strength coaches at other gyms while getting fight training from her Muay Thai gym. Paying two gyms for her training and increasing her travel time between sessions wasn’t ideal so at F5 she changed the standard model to offer more.

At F5 you can get the best of both worlds all in one place: Real Muay Thai training from coaches with fight experience and top-notch strength training from highly-credentialed fitness professionals.


Strength – Class Types, Programming, and What is StrongFirst?

Muay Thai – Style, Lineage and Class Types

Stretching & Mobility – Classes and Private Sessions

Personal Training – Available for Strength, Muay Thai, and Fitness



Customized Nutrition Coaching – Convenient Online Coaching

Seminars – Detailed Instruction on Various Skills and Topics

Get strong, confident, and fit with F5!

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