At F5 we teach two disciplines: Strength and Muay Thai. When F5 owner, Roxy Richardson opened the gym in 2011 she saw a lack of options in strength training gyms to use their hard-earned athleticism in a fun challenging sport under the same roof.

She also noticed that many Muay Thai and MMA gyms didn’t offer strength programs that complimented their sport and created well-rounded offerings for overall fitness. As an athlete, she had to seek out strength coaches at other gyms while getting her fight training from her Muay Thai gym. Paying two gyms for her training and increasing her travel time between sessions wasn’t ideal but she was willing to do because she knew both were important to have a well-rounded program.

At F5 you can get the best of both worlds, under one roof. You get real Muay Thai training from coaches with fight experience and top-notch strength training from highly-credentialed professionals. You don’t have to choose one and get a watered down version of the other.

F5 is your one-stop-shop for your sport, strength fitness, and wellness needs.

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Muay Thai – Style, Lineage and Class Types

Stretching + Mobility – Classes and 1-on-1

Personal Training for Strength, Fitness and Muay Thai

Customized Nutrition Coaching

Member and Community Seminars

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