This member spotlight highlights student Amanda Anderson. She has been a member of F5 since June 2013. When she came to the gym she was  interested in simply adding an exercise routine to her life. She didn’t find working out enjoyable she told me, but knew it was good for her and wanted to try something new. Since then she has become hooked on Muay Thai and it’s many physical and mental benefits. She has made amazing improvements in her form, stamina and dedication to the sport.

Amanda usually takes three Muay Thai classes a week and one personal training session per week for extra pad work and technique, every now and then she also mixes in a kettlebell class too to keep her strong and conditioned, but mostly because she likes to banter with Tyler 😉

Sometimes we find in ourselves an inner athlete we never knew we had. Amanda is a perfect example of this; she works hard, shows up consistently, continues to make progress, supports the Muay Thai team at fights, and even challenges herself by taking sparring classes weekly…. and she complains much less than she used to! (Sorry, Amanda had to squeeze one comment in there lol)

Thanks for your continued hard work and support, Amanda! – Roxy Richardson

We asked Amanda to share with us a little bit about herself and her experience at F5 Fitness:


Amanda ready for her Friday Muay Thai Class with Daniel

What is your hometown?

Studio City, California





Favorite movie?

A few of my favorites: Bad Santa, Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Jaws 


Why did you start training at F5?

A serendipitous sequence of events which involved the following: having driven by and noticed F5 just after deciding I needed to involve myself in a more rigorous and structured form of exercise—and (deep breath), having narrowed said exercise down to punching and/or kicking things. In other words, BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE TOLD ME TO.

What goals have you accomplished?

If I recall correctly, my main goal was to become competent in Muay Thai—and, depending on the day, I generally feel as though I’ve accomplished that goal. (Insert remarks in which I insult myself here.)


What keeps you coming back?

The challenge, as dry as that sounds. I’m never bored (obligatory Tyler joke); there’s always a thing (or forty) to fix and a thing (or 3,000) that’s new.
Perhaps most surprisingly, I keep coming back because I enjoy the people and the place itself. Which is surprising because I don’t like to leave my house.

F5 Kettlebells and Thai Boxing

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