Chris Caselli Working on his Get Up Skills

Chris Caselli Working on his Get Up Skills

In this month’s Member Spotlight we talked to F5 student Chris Caselli. You can often find Chris doubling up on classes weeknights at F5. Taking Muay Thai and Kettlebells or Muay Thai and Fighter Fit classes back to back. He’s one of the only students to ask me for membership options of over 30 classes a month! This volume of training is not something that all students can get away with, but Chris also takes his recovery and nutrition seriously so he can train hard. He makes sure to get his BCAA’s in post workout and often brings a banana to fuel up for his ride home. You’ll also find Chris staying late to stretch after class. He knows that mobility helps with injury prevention and recovery.

Chris had his first Muay Thai fight this year and is constantly seeking to progress and improve himself. He is a stellar example of the 5 Pillars of F5 and what we stand for.  His relentless pursuit of improvement is inspiring and he is the perfect balance of a humble, yet confident student.

Chris working on his strength with a double kettlebell press

Chris working on his strength with a double kettlebell press

We asked Chris a few questions about himself and his time at F5:

How long have you been training?

I started at F5 in March 2013
Where are you from?

Yountville, CA

BMW Level 1 Master Technician at Beverly Hills BMW…fancy name for a mechanic. I’m also a sleep enthusiast


Favorite movie?

I can’t pick just one so Star Wars (original trilogy, duh), Drive, Anchorman, Spirited Away, Pulp Fiction. This could go on for a while…
Why did you start training at F5?

I was looking for a new gym after not training for two years coming from a Krav Maga and BJJ gym that turned more of it’s focus to crossfit, like this, and less to fighting. Class sizes were too big, there wasn’t much focus on developing technique or power, and it seemed like I had new instructors every other week. I had previously enjoyed some kettle bell classes and had always been interested in Muay Thai because of the sheer brutality but it always seemed like such a mountain to climb. I was much more comfortable on the ground with a wrestling and BJJ background and my standup sucked. Well it still does but it was much worse. I noticed F5 from living and working in the area and a good friend started going. From there it was a done deal. It didn’t take long to realize this place was the bees knees.
What goals have you accomplished?

Passing the Function 5 Team Test was a big one. That thing is no joke. Also sparring regularly and I had my first fight in June. (I’m) looking forward to more.
What keeps you coming back?

I’m never satisfied with myself and I always want to improve. There’s always something to work on, always something you can do better. Especially my kicks, those are garbage. I really only have one strike I feel at all good about and everything else needs a lot of work. I’m never bored training at F5. Also the environment is really special, from the instructors to the members; I’ve met some really great people. This place makes living in LA much more hospitable.

– Roxy Richardson, CPT, SFG, FDN

Owner, F5 Fitness

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