This Member Spotlight we’re featuring a rockstar couple at F5 who are dedicated, strong and technical. Although you will see Goro and Kumie every week in Muay Thai Fundamentals, Strength Foundations and Fighter Fit classes, they are quite advanced and simple take their basics seriously! They are a little quieter than some of the students so we wanted to take some time in the spotlight to know more about them as well as highlight their accomplishments at F5.

Kumie Kettlebell Swing

Kumie Swinging a Kettlebell

1) Where are you from?
GORO and KUMIE: Yokohama, Japan

2) Occupation?
GORO: Digital Marketing Analyst and studying Motion Graphics
KUMIE: Film and TV Costume Designer

3) What’s your favorite movie?
GORO: I like a lot of Christopher Nolan’s film from Memento, Inception, Interstellar and The Dark Knight trilogy. I can see those films many times and talk about them after for a discussion of ifs, hows and whys for a long time.
KUMIE: “The Fall” is my favorite. The costume design, production design and story telling is beautiful in the film. I always get inspiration from it.

4) Where were you in your life before you joined and became a student at F5? How were you feeling?
GORO: Before joining F5, I did not know how to work out. Last time I had some proper training or activity was when I was in a soccer club and baseball club at college. Since then, I was not able to find any activities or clubs that fit my schedule, which made me start to lose my purpose of training.
KUMIE: I grew up enjoying sports and workouts, but ever since I started working, the irregular schedule made it difficult for me to participate in them.

5) What was your turning point that you decided to take action and come train with us?
GORO and KUMIE: Our turning point was after a few months after we moved to Los Angeles. Compared to where we lived in Japan and New York, we felt a lot more people do outdoor activities and enjoying the great weather here in Los Angeles. Sometimes the bad weather in Japan and New York made us sad and not want to go outside. So we were searching for a gym to keep us healthy, feel confident, strong and friendly. We always had the impression of gyms that buff people with very aggressive attitude were always there. We are just not used to that. While we were searching for places, we came upon F5 that teaches Muay Thai which was something very new, so we thought we give it a try.

6) What happened after you joined? What surprised you about the training and the gym?
GORO and KUMIE: We were surprised how the coaches at F5 teach us in details and step by step, even though we (were) beginners. After joining and training at F5, we feel a lot more confident and strong than we were before. Also the coaches are very friendly and helpful, working together for each member’s purposes. This environment encourages us to become stronger, stay fit and get better at Muay Thai. At the same time, it is so much fun to train with other members at F5.

7) What keeps you motivated to train?
GORO and KUMIE: The coach(es) and members of F5 are the core that keeps us motivated the most. If we were working by ourselves, we would probably have given up. Not only do we get to know the coaches, it is always great to meet other members who we are training together with us. It is always great to see members improving their strength and getting stronger.

Goro Kettlebell Hinge

Goro with a great Kettlebell hinge

F5 Kettlebells and Thai Boxing

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