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Ian with a good kettlebell rack position

We asked Ian to be a part of our F5 Member Spotlight series because he is a dedicated strength and Muay Thai student that has made considerable progress at F5 since he started. He’s gotten stronger, lost weight, improved his skills and most importantly he has made health and fitness a part of his weekly routine. We are proud to have Ian as part of the F5 family. His positive attitude and eagerness to move heavy weight are inspiring to everyone here.
Thanks, Ian!  – Roxy Richardson
How Long Have You Been Training?
About 2 Years
Where are you From?
Boston, MA
Why did you start training at f5?
I met Tyler while I was working as an Assistant Director for a kettlebell workout video series.  I had never really seen them in action before.  I was definitely intrigued but I probably never would have followed up on it except that later that week, completely by chance, I ran into Tyler again at Rascal.  He told me that he taught kettlebells at F5 right next door, and I’ve been swinging, punching and working on my switch kick ever since.
Kettlebell Conditioning Push Press

Ian with a Solid Push Press During Kettlebell Conditioning

What goals have you accomplished?

I’m not sure I feel as though I have accomplished all my goals.  I am still in the process of accomplishing them.  I hope I always will be.  I was never a person who “worked out” before.  Now I have a routine and gym and am part of a community.   I think having stuck with it is the thing I am most proud of.
What keeps you coming back?
The people.  The trainers and the other members are supportive, interesting, and inspiring people.  It’s great to feel like I am part of (and accountable to) a community like that.
Favorite Movie?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
F5 Kettlebells and Thai Boxing

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