Muay Thai Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It is similar to kickboxing, using punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes to damage opponents. Muay Thai was developed as close combat battle techniques, but today it is a popular sport that develops power, conditioning, discipline and real fighting skills – plus it’s a killer workout!

You don’t have to be a fighter to train Muay Thai.

Anyone can practice Muay Thai techniques and gain the physical and mental benefits.

At F5, we train all fitness levels and experience levels. Our goal is to teach our students real Muay Thai in an environment focused on growth, fun and positive community support. Muay Thai is a challenging sport to learn. We aim to teach students with engagement, patience, and persistence.


Our Muay Thai program’s founder is Roxy “Balboa” Richardson, a professional fighter who trained under Chris Reilly, the first American Muay Thai fighter to win a tournament championship at the prestigious King’s Birthday in Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand in 2001. Roxy, a multiple IAMTF champion and a pioneer in women’s Muay Thai, became the first female in the USA to fight a full-rules 5 x 3 min round professional Muay Thai fight in July 2009 when full rules Muay Thai finally became legal in the US.

Roxy has had the honor of learning from many talented coaches and fighters to develop her striking and teaching skills, including; Dutch Muay Thai Legend Rob Kaman, professional boxer Frankie Liles, Kru Surapuk Jamjuntr, Malaipet Sasiprapa, Kru Santi Sakkomkai, Dan Hardy, Jimmie Romero, Josh Barnett, and Mark Kumoro. She has been perfecting her craft since 2002 and passes on to her students all the knowledge, passion, and dedication to the sport that she has gained over the years.

Nathan Foster

Nathan Foster

Head Muay Thai Coach and Personal Trainer

Nathan, a NESTA & NCCPT certified personal trainer and NESTA Certified Muay Thai Fitness Coach, has always had a taste for extreme sports. Before discovering Muay Thai in 2012, he was a serious skateboarder a NESTA.

He began is Muay Thai training in 2012 under the guidance of Mark DeLuca at Yamasaki Academy. In that time he had an impressive 12 fights. He moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to coach full-time at F5 with F5 founder Roxy Richardson.

As the Head Muay Thai Coach at F5, Nathan shares his skills and experience freely with thoughtful attention to technique. He says Muay Thai helped him through many rough times in his life and molded him into a better person. He enjoys sharing his passion with others.

Learn more about all of F5’s Muay Thai coaches in the Team Bios.

New students begin training at F5 Muay Thai with Private Intro Lessons before attending classes. A team member will schedule your Intro Lessons after your Kickstart Meeting

Intro Lesson teach you the basics, so you feel prepared and comfortable in your first group class. If you want to check out a class first, you can book a 101 class, which is available to non-members.

Kickboxing 101 (Drop-in Friendly)
Kickboxing (Muay Thai) 101 is a beginner-friendly class open to members and non-members of F5. We call it “kickboxing” because it focuses on punches and kicks (not the advanced elbow and clinch strikes of Muay Thai). 
The 101 classes at F5 are the only classes on our schedule that allow drop-in classes. If you are not an F5 member and are interested in our other classes, please call us to schedule a consultation to review membership options.
This class is suitable for beginners with no striking experience as well as those who have trained before in Muay Thai, kickboxing or boxing. The class will include basic punches and kicks, footwork and combos and is a great workout for all levels.
Rental gloves and wraps are provided with your drop-in class purchase.
Muay Thai Fundamentals (All Levels)

This is a mixed level class focusing on the basics: Basic footwork, punches, and kicks. This class is not an easier class cardio-wise (it’s a killer workout), but the combos in this class tend to be simpler and build slowly, so they are easy to follow for beginners. However, fundamentals are the foundation of all good Muay Thai practitioners. Drilling the basics in this class will help advanced and beginner students alike.

General Class format:

  1. Warm up: Jump rope & dynamic stretches & shadow boxing 10-15 mins
  2. Padwork & heavy bag work 30 mins
  3. Conditioning Finisher and core work 5-10 mins
  4. Stretching – 5 mins
Muay Thai (All Levels)

An all levels pad work class. Learn real Muay Thai fighting techniques by drilling strikes and combos on mitts, pads and heavy bags. Our trainers make sure you get a well rounded workout focusing on both technique and overall conditioning.

Class format:

  1. Warm up: Jump rope & dynamic stretches & shadow boxing  – 10-15 mins
  2. Padwork & heavy bag work with focused technique and open combos  – 35 mins
  3. Conditioning Finisher and/or core work  – 5 mins
  4. Stretching  – 5 mins
Dutch Drills - Intermediate Muay Thai
Muay Thai Dutch Drills is an intermediate class for students who have a foundational level of good striking technique on pad work and want to take it to the next level with some light contact.
Dutch Drills utilizes combinations of punches to a partners’ gloves and controlled kicks a partner’s body, some beginner level defense as well as footwork and head movement. No mouth guard is required, as there are no punches to the face.
Pre-requisite for dutch drills is 30-40 Fundamentals and/or Mixed Level pad work classes at F5 or a Muay Thai gym with similar programming. Ask a coach if you are unsure of your readiness for the Dutch Drills Class. Please see online schedule description for more information on this class.

Class format:

  1. Warm up: Jump rope & dynamic stretches – 10 mins
  2. Dutch Drills (combos throw to partners gloves and body with shin guards on) – 40 mins
  3. Conditioning Finisher and/or core work  – 5 mins
  4. Stretching  – 5 mins

75 mins classes reserve the last 15 minutes for Level 2 students in the class to spar. Sparring is optional. Ask a coach about prerequisites for Level 2 sparring participation or see the section below.

Level 2 Muay Thai - Advanced

Currently, Lv 2 is an advanced level sparring add-on to the Intermediate Dutch Drills classes in the last 15 minutes of class.

As you progress in Dutch Drills you will learn the basics of defense and counters. Advancing to sparring in the last 15 mins of the class is optional. The coach will let you know when you are ready. Physical contact is required.  A mouthguard is required.

Prerequisites: 3 private training sessions with an F5 coach, or 30-40 Dutch Drills sessions (or a combination of all, up to the coach’s discretion).

Your consistent performance in the Level 2 portion of the class will serve as an evaluation for you to take the Advanced Muay Thai Test, should you wish to earn your F5 Team Test Patch

Look for Muay Thai classes on the Class Schedule.

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