How and When to use a Muay Thai Step in “Lead” Kick (Left Kick for Orthodox or “righties”).

Muay Thai often uses a “switch kick” on the lead kick to optimize speed and power when in close range, but the step in kick can work very well at certain times when the distance is right. Learn the difference between the switch and the step footwork for your lead kick. Neither is right or wrong, they just need to be utilized at different times.

The switch kick is often difficult for beginners to master due to the fast footwork. If you struggle with your lead switch kick, try this step in body kick as an alternative to get your reps in and train the movement of turning over your hips. Practice on the bag until your kicks are turning over just as well as your dominant side.

In this video, Coach Roxy and Nathan review tips and technique for when to use a forward step in for your lead kick.

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