Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

At F5 we use a balanced, whole-foods, person-centered approach to coaching that fosters autonomy, moderation, enjoyment, and well-being. We believe that when you are empowered and happy, you will naturally make better choices in your life; decisions that lead to optimal health, performance, and body composition results. We’ll help get you there at a pace and on a path that is just right for you.

Nutrition is one of the 5 Elements of health and fitness that our name stands for. Many students at F5 find that in addition to being active and getting proper exercise coaching, they need additional nutrition and lifestyle guidance to achieve their goals.


Our Nutrition and Wellness Coach on staff is the head coach and F5 owner, Roxy Richardson, ACT CPT, Pn1, SFG II. Roxy is a Certified Precision Nutrition coach who had been studying nutrition, fitness and habit change since she began her fitness career and got certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise in 2005. She is extensively trained in Motivational Interviewing by certified MI trainer and dietitian, Susan Dopart, MS, RD, CDE. Motivational Interviewing a method that is scientifically proven to help clients with lifestyle changes.

Coaching Options

We offer online coaching calls and lessons. Bi-monthly or weekly coaching calls can help you stay on track. In-person is sometimes available if requested. One 15-minute coaching call per week is included in the monthly plan.

There is also the option of online lessons via Precision Nutrition. The PN coaching system was designed to give you daily nutrition education, habit building skills, and reminders to stay on track while your coach can focus on providing you with feedback, troubleshooting, motivating you and keeping you accountable to your success.

In your first coaching call, we’ll focus in on what methods will work best for you.

Why an online coaching program? We use an online program and video calls because today most people are crunched for time and need quick, simple, easily accessible methods to stay on track and be kept accountable.

Customized coaching using proven methods. Roxy works with clients meeting them where they are in their fitness and health journey and helps them create new healthy habits tailored to their goals with support, education, and guidance using proven methods.

It’s like having a personal trainer for your wellness at a fraction of the cost!

Our Guarantee

No Contract! No Risk!  100% Guaranteed – Cancel at any time if you feel that this type of coaching is not a fit for you.

F5 Member Special Rates

Do you currently train at F5 with an active membership or personal training package? F5 members get online nutrition coaching at 50% off the monthly rate!

Online Distance Coaching

Not local to the Miracle Mile Los Angeles area? Prefer to workout out at your local gym, but still get our nutrition and health coaching? If you are interested in online coaching and are not an F5 student, please contact us to book a quick 15-min phone consult.

Nutrition and Wellness Habit Change Program – for Non-Members and Distance Clients – One 15-min coaching call each week or 2 x 30-minute coaching calls bi-monthly. $199 per month.

Nutrition and Wellness Habit Change Program with Customized Workout Program  for Non-Members and Distance Clients – One 15-min coaching call each week or 2 x 30-minute coaching calls bi-monthly. $249 per month.

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