At F5 we have two main programs: Muay Thai and Strength.

Muay Thai Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It is similar to kickboxing, using punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes to damage opponents.

Muay Thai was developed as close combat battle techniques, but today it is a popular sport and a fun martial art that develops power, conditioning, discipline and real fighting skills – plus it’s a killer workout!

You don’t have to be a fighter to train Muay Thai. Anyone can learn the techniques of Muay Thai and reap the physical and mental benefits of training. Muay Thai training makes a great cardiovascular workout and tones muscles in amazing ways with its high-intensity drills.

Our Muay Thai program’s head coach is Roxy “Balboa” Richardson, a professional fighter who trained under Chris Reilly, the first American Muay Thai fighter to win a tournament championship at the prestigious King’s Birthday in Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand in 2001. Roxy, multiple IAMTF champion and a pioneer in women’s Muay Thai, became the first female in the USA to fight a full-rules 5 x 3 min round professional Muay Thai fight in July 2009 when full rules Muay Thai finally became legal in the US.

Roxy has had the honor of learning from many talented coaches and fighters to develop her striking and teaching skills, including; Dutch Muay Thai Legend Rob Kaman, professional boxer Frankie Liles, Kru Surapuk Jamjuntr, Malaipet Sasiprapa, Kru Santi Sakkomkai, Dan Hardy, Jimmie Romero, Josh Barnett, and Mark Kumoro. She has been perfecting her craft since 2002 and passes on to her students all the knowledge, passion, and dedication to the sport that she has gained over the years.

Learn more about Roxy and F5’s Muay Thai coaches in the Team Bios.

At F5 we teach the premier Kettlebell and Barbell system in the world developed by Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports, and a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor who founded the RKC and then in 2012 branched off to launch StrongFirst – the school of strength. StrongFirst has preserved the best RKC standards and traditions, and it continues to improve on them. Kettlebells are used to perform explosive and static exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength & flexibility training.

Our strength coaches are SFG/SFL certified instructors. They take pride in their high standards and detailed attention to technique, safety, and results using the kettlebell, barbell, and body weight for resistance exercise.

Learn kettlebell exercises such as the swing, clean, get-up, press, snatch, and front squat to build strength, improve cardio and gain endurance. Perfect barbell lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench and press to build muscle and strength. Get a strength and cardio workout in one! This class is great for all levels of fitness. Perfect barbell lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench and press to build muscle and strength.

You’ll get a strength and cardio workout in one, saving you time while you while getting your strong and fit. This program is suitable for all levels.

You don’t have to be sure which program you want to focus on right away. In your consultation, we’ll review your goals, and we’ll discuss how the different programs can help you reach your goals.

In your first few weeks at F5, we suggest exploring both programs and all the mixed level class types so that you can decide what type(s) of training you like. One of the most important qualities in an effective training program is that you enjoy your training and keep coming back.

After a month of exploring your classes, we recommend chatting with your accountability coach or one of our head coaches to discuss the best training program based on your goals and preferences.

We have found that students who have 2-3 days a week to train do best when they focus on one primary program (strength or Muay Thai), this way you get the best results and see marked improvements in skills. For those with body composition goals we recommend starting with our strength and conditioning program.

Students with 4-6 days a week to train can choose both programs: We like 3 days of strength and 2 Muay Thai per week or 3 Muay Thai and 2 Strength. Throw in a Tune-Up class once a week for a well-rounded program that keeps your body healthy and strong.

If you are interested in Muay Thai competition you’ll want to take the majority of your classes in Muay Thai and the head coach will discuss with you options for proper conditioning for fights when the time comes.

Get strong, confident, and fit with F5!

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