Stretching and Mobility Sessions

Stretching and Mobility sessions aim to restore proper, natural movement to the body. Using various myofascial release and compression techniques, we can release tight and problematic muscles. Combined with PNF stretching, each muscle can release and elongate, getting the body closer to the proper, natural position.

Tight hips? Nagging low back pain? Knotted up shoulders? Popping and grinding in the ankles and knees?

A Stretch and Mobility session can help! 

Healthy bodies are strong, flexible, and mobile.

60-minute sessions $70 – recommended for those looking to mobilize both upper and lower body.

30-minute sessions $39 – recommended for specific problem areas.

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Stretching, Mobility, & Recovery Classes

Get the most out of your training with increased mobility, improved recovery, injury prevention, and stress reduction. Techniques include foam rolling, trigger point therapy, corrective exercises, and dynamic and static stretches. Classes are 30 mins with a focused program for each to optimize your time and schedule.

Mixed level class, no prerequisites.

Look for “Trigger Point Rollout” and “Stretch Flow Revive on the Class Schedule.

Get strong, confident, and fit with F5!

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