The first Student Spotlight of 2017, we are happy to feature Gwen Creighton!

Gwen is a staple of our evening classes at F5, training four to five days a week most weeks with a mix of strength and Muay Thai. She’s a strong force in the Muay Thai classes, able to hold for the bigger guys in classes and her long legs make for some mean kicks!  Under the bar and the bell, Gwen loves to deadlift (and hates to squat, but diligently does it anyway) and says that strength training properly with good form has helped her manage her back pain.
Hopefully, one day Gwen will finally bring her miniature bull terrier, Boss by to visit with Kimura 🙂
We asked Gwen a few questions to get to know her better and learn about her fitness journey and F5 experience…
Grew up in MN, moved to San Diego, New York City and now Los Angeles. NYC is my home, though.
Studio Manager / Life Ninja for an advertising car photographer.
What’s your favorite movie?
Goodfellas – It’s the perfect movie!
Where were you in your life before you joined and became a student at F5? How were you feeling?
I had been going to a few different gyms trying to start strength training on my own and doing Muay Thai at two different places. I just really wanted to find a place where I could do both that had more than 1 class a day! I was feeling pretty bored in my training and really wanted to get better at Muay Thai.
What was your turning point that you decided to take action and train with us?
Not sure, I found you online, and you seemed like you had a great program so I thought I’d at least check out the gym for the 30-day trial and see how it was.
What happened after you joined? What surprised you about the training and the gym?
I was pretty happy to be able to get back into the gym 4-5 days a week. Training on my own, I don’t feel obligated to be there at any time, so it was easy to get lazy. It was nice to be in a gym with a diverse group of people. Most of the Muay Thai gyms I’ve been to seemed full of dudes that had all been a little clique and trained together for a long time, it’s hard to get into training like that.
What keeps you motivated to train?
I honestly have the opposite problem and would probably train seven days a week if I didn’t have a job, boyfriend and a dog that I have to spend time with too!
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