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F5 offers massage therapy to help your body recover, improve posture, mobility, alignment, and aid with stress reduction, injury prevention, and overall well-being.

Relax and Recover – 50 min $55

Relax and Recover More – 90 min $90

Our signature massage is aimed at unwinding the mind and body, helping sore muscles recover, and reducing stress. Soothe the whole body with a 50-minute session or customize your experience with our 90-minute “More” session offering more in-depth and focused bodywork.

Restore and Perform – 50 mins – $85

Restore and Perform More – 90 mins – $125

Need more in-depth therapy for your hard-working muscles? Our signature massage for athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, and desk-bound professionals uses trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques customized to your specific needs. Feel restored and ready to tackle your next workout (or workday) with improved function and renewed energy. Want more TLC for your muscles? Try the 90 min session!

We suggest coming in on a non-workout day or booking after a light workout. A shower is available for use before or after your massage.

Aleks Aouad

Aleks Aouad

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hailing from San Diego, Leks has been in athletics all of his life. He started with karate at five years old, then in high school he played football and ran track and field.  He attended San Francisco State University and obtained a B.A. in Cinema Production.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, he was introduced to  Muay Thai. His passion for training the sport grew quickly, and he decided to pursue a career in coaching Muay Thai so he could inspire others to learn the discipline and help them live balanced, active, healthy lives.

Leks is also a graduate of the 900-hour massage therapy program at National Holistic Institute. As a certified massage therapist, Leks believes massage to be an essential and necessary tool in maintaining physical well-being and nurturing athletic abilities.

Currently, he is continuing his education at the National Holistic Institute in their Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program.

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  5. Please allow up to 24 hours, not including weekends, to contact you when your appointment is confirmed (we’ll try our best to get to it even sooner!)
  6. Payment is required after service. 

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